Pro 220 Boat Port – SeaDoo Switch Compatible

SeaDoo Switch® Compatibility: Our optional conversion kit is tailormade for docking the SeaDoo Switch. The blue plates cradle the outside toons of the Switch, ensuring a perfect alignment on the port and keeping your valuable craft entirely out of the water.

Effortless Docking: With an enhanced entrance design featuring a wider entrance body, you’ll find it easier than ever to align your boat and glide onto the port smoothly.

Versatile Adjustability: The adjustable bow stop with a cleat allows you to fine-tune your boat’s position on the port, ensuring a secure fit every time. Plus, the adjustable wheels make it a breeze to accommodate various boat sizes.

Comes equipped with a keel rest roller that not only prevents keel dragging but also assists in effortless loading and unloading.

Boosters available to accommodate heavier boats and weight distribution due to heavy motors.

Ideal for 18 ft. or greater SeaDoo Switch.

*Patent Pending


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Product Specifications

Weight 600 lbs
Dimensions 265 × 90 × 12 in