Pro 8 Boat Port

The newest addition to the Wave Armor boat port line! The Pro 8 Boat Port is engineered to be the most customizable docking system, supporting boats up to 4,200 lbs.

Additional side extension decks allow you to expand the width for more walkaround room while increasing the capacity.

Features an adjustable bow stop and optional push-arm system. Ideal for jet boats and watercrafts with
smaller engines.

• Simple port assembly
• Varied wheel density* ensures soft port entrance
• Center front roller* adjusts up/down in 3” pockets, raising or lowering the bow as needed
• Side mounting pockets to fit additional Wave Armor accessories
• Big centering V-shape in entrance for easy entrance to port, even if not perfectly centered or at an angle
• Optional 10” side wings for port expansion to increase floatation and/or walking surface
• Bow stop is adjustable by more than 48” and has the ability to be fixed or help push boat remotely into water

*Patent Pending


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Product Specifications

Weight 850 lbs
Dimensions 240 × 96 × 15 in