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Wave Armor Docks are as Safe as they are Stylish and Sturdy

Because Wave Armor® floating docks are a step above the rest, stepping onto one isn’t much different than walking onto a luxurious lakefront patio. Stylish and sturdy, Wave Armor docks are safe too, with a non-skid surface and no slivers or sharp edges.

Constructed of UV-resistant RotoMolded polyethylene that won’t fade, crack or rust – and never needs painting or staining! – Wave Armor floating docks, ports and accessories transcend durability and dependability with stylish design that sets a new standard for lakeside living. Instead of unsightly aluminum poles, rusty steel cables, or splinter-ridden wood, Wave Armor greets you with an attractive and kid-friendly flagstone-style, no-slip finish.

Wave Armor docks combine two separately RotoMolded components – a stylish, textured top-side deck and a sturdy foam-filled float below. Recessed pockets on the float’s underside seal to the water’s surface, providing unparalleled stability. RotoMolding – unlike other plastic processes like thermoforming and blow-molding – produces a more durable and stable dock with seamless parts.

The brand of choice for marina and waterfront home owners alike, Wave Armor offers a wide range of modular dock sections which connect securely via patented, hassle-free H-Beams. This system allows for easy expansion with handsome accessories such Wave Port personal-watercraft ports, boat bumpers, dock ramps, benches and more. Wave Armor docks and ports can be assembled into an infinite number of layouts to meet the exact configuration you desire.


Maintenance-Free Wave Armor Floating Docks Deliver on Design and Dependability


Built from strong RotoMolded polyethylene with UV-protection baked in, Wave Armor® floating docks will endure years of fun in the sun without fading or chipping, splintering or rotting. You’ll spend more time enjoying life on the water, and less time and money on maintenance.

Setting a new standard for maintenance-free waterfront living, Wave Armor floating docks, PWC and boat ports and accessories deliver on durability and dependability without sacrificing on design and style. Whereas most floating-dock systems are merely functional and utilitarian, Wave Armor offerings feature an attractive, no-slip flagstone paver-style surface that will never need sanding, staining or painting.  Simply refresh your Wave Armor floating docks, ports and accessories with a pressure washer light setting or with a mild detergent or all-purpose cleaner and brush then rinse.


A Wave Armor floating dock is more than just a place to launch and park your boat, jet ski or personal watercraft – it’s an extension of your on-the-water lifestyle. Instead of traditional docks and boat lifts with unsightly aluminum poles, rusty steel cables and splinter-ridden, rotting wood greeting you at the water’s edge, you’re welcomed by what’s essentially a patio on the lake, where you can lounge comfortably and entertain friends in style.

All of Wave Armor’s modular floating-dock products utilize a patented, hassle-free H-Beam system to secure connections underneath their decks for a more dynamic and clean-flowing topside surface. This system allows for easy expansion with handsome accessories such Wave Port personal-watercraft ports, boat ports, horizontal and vertical bumpers, kayak racks and kayak assist, dock ramps, benches, deck boxes and more.




If your home or cabin is located on a river, lake or pond – it is likely that your Spring and Fall cleanup lists include a number of tasks associated with your standard fixed dock system. The list is sure to include replacing worn out dock boards, replacing and removing screws and nails, inspecting and replacing rub rails and the one task everyone could do without…staining.

Wouldn’t it be nice to own a dock system that didn’t require numerous hours of maintenance?

Our Wave Armor Wave Docks are truly one of a kind. Constructed of Roto-Molded Durable Polyethylene with built-in UV Protection means your dock will last for years to come, without fading in the sun. Easy to install Proprietary H-Beam Channel Lock Connection System for hassle-free assembly/disassembly.
 Rugged, purpose-built floating dock sections with rigid, closed cell foam-filled interior and bottom suctioning pockets that keeps your deck where it is supposed to be; flat on the water.
 In-mold fastener attachments spaced around the perimeter for adding tie-down cleats where you need them.

Wave Armor Wave Docks are built to allow you to easily attach additional accessories and components such as: PWC Ports (Wave Port), Bumper Wheels, Horizontal Bumpers, Vertical Bumpers, Dock Ramp, Pipe Adapters, Post Attachments and many other accessories!  With our exclusive H-Beam Channel system that comes standard with our Wave Docks, you will be able to add and remove these attachments and accessories with ease.

So, the next time you are in the market for a dock, consider the differences between a Wave Armor Wave Dock and a Standard Fixed Dock. Your Spring and Fall doesn’t need to be filled with boring maintenance. Get out and enjoy the water!



Regardless of if you own a Wave Armor dock, a competitor’s floating dock, or a standard fixed dock – we have accessories available to help you accessorize and increase the functionality of your dock.

Consumers who purchase accessories from Wave Armor rate the following products as “must-haves.”


pylon-hoop-attach-kitThe Wave Armor Attachment Accessories are built to fit our exclusive Wave Dock System. . The Wave Dock Attachment Kit is one of your main ingredients when looking to attach your Wave Dock to a fixed pylon in the water. If your Wave Dock is located on a rough body of water, we suggest using the Pylon Attachment Kit for added functionality. The Pylon Attachment Kit allows your Wave Dock to stay in a fixed position, while allowing the dock to fluctuate with varying water levels.  It is made with heavy duty metal that is complimented seating in our H-Beam Channel for incredible strength. If you happen to be away from your home or cabin during a storm or periods of rough water – you can have confidence knowing your dock will stay put thanks to our Wave Dock Pylon Attachment Kit.


bumpers-blogProtect your watercraft, and your Wave Dock System with our Polyethylene Bumpers. Wave Armor Vertical and Horizontal bumpers secure directly into the Wave Dock H-Beam Channels and are constructed of polyethylene for an attractive and protective barrier between your dock system and watercraft. We also offer numerous products for standard fixed docks, and fixed structures. If you don’t yet own a Wave Dock System, you will want to check out our Dock Bumper Wheels, Corner Bumpers, Horizontal Bumpers and Vertical Bumpers which are built to integrate with existing dock structures. Say goodbye to dock rash, peeling decals and paint scratches, while adding to the functionality of your dock with Wave Armor Bumper Kits!


bench-blog-postWave Armor’s “Marion-Style” polyethylene Dock Bench is designed with both traditional and contemporary styling, embodying both strength and elegance. Rotational molded granite compounded polyethylene construction featuring molded-in beverage holders. Wave Armor polyethylene Dock Benches make a welcomed addition to any dock, patio, or lawn. Dock Benches can also easily connect to our Wave Dock Modular Floating Dock System utilizing our Dock Bench Attachment System. Our Wave Armor Benches come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. Sizes include a 4 Foot Bench, 5 Foot Bench, and our largest size available, the 6 Foot Bench.


collar-blogWave Armor Dock Wheels are ideal for roll-in docks, boat lifts, and unlimited other uses. These Polyethylene Dock Wheels never go flat, wear out, or rust on the shaft! Wave Armor is the original manufacturer of the “Maintenance-Free” Poly Dock Wheel. Our Dock Wheels are rotational molded using a durable & virtually indestructible polyethylene material, producing a one-piece seamless tire. The heavy-duty construction and wide footprint design allow these dock wheels to roll over the roughest terrain with ease. We offer two different types of Dock Wheels, a “patched” and “non-patched.” A “patched dock wheel” is airtight (non-drilled) providing extra flotation, and are recommended for heavier-weight docks. A “non-patched dock wheel” feature pre-drilled holes allowing the wheel to obtain water, which provides for additional stability and height. We recommend non-patched dock wheels for lighter-weight docks. We also offer a Dock Wheel Locking Collar to secure your dock wheels to a 1 1/2″ axle or pipe.


dock-box-blogWave Armor’s Lockable Dock Box is the perfect solution for waterfront storage by attaching to your dock system or placing on a patio or other outdoor area. Our Poly Dock Box is constructed of 100% Roto-Molded, weatherproof and UV resistant polyethylene. The Wave Armor Dock Box is also lockable, providing you piece of mind that your valuable items are secure.  The Lockable Dock Box provides ample storage space, the dimensions of this product are: 31.25″ Length, 13.75″ Deep, and 15″ Tall.  A perfect addition to your dock that allows you to keep towels, life vests, sunscreen, beach toys, fishing tackle, extra dock lines and more, where you need them most. On the water.