If your home or cabin is located on a river, lake or pond – it is likely that your Spring and Fall cleanup lists include a number of tasks associated with your standard fixed dock system. The list is sure to include replacing worn out dock boards, replacing and removing screws and nails, inspecting and replacing rub rails and the one task everyone could do without…staining.

Wouldn’t it be nice to own a dock system that didn’t require numerous hours of maintenance?

Our Wave Armor Wave Docks are truly one of a kind. Constructed of Roto-Molded Durable Polyethylene with built-in UV Protection means your dock will last for years to come, without fading in the sun. Easy to install Proprietary H-Beam Channel Lock Connection System for hassle-free assembly/disassembly.
 Rugged, purpose-built floating dock sections with rigid, closed cell foam-filled interior and bottom suctioning pockets that keeps your deck where it is supposed to be; flat on the water.
 In-mold fastener attachments spaced around the perimeter for adding tie-down cleats where you need them.

Wave Armor Wave Docks are built to allow you to easily attach additional accessories and components such as: PWC Ports (Wave Port), Bumper Wheels, Horizontal Bumpers, Vertical Bumpers, Dock Ramp, Pipe Adapters, Post Attachments and many other accessories!  With our exclusive H-Beam Channel system that comes standard with our Wave Docks, you will be able to add and remove these attachments and accessories with ease.

So, the next time you are in the market for a dock, consider the differences between a Wave Armor Wave Dock and a Standard Fixed Dock. Your Spring and Fall doesn’t need to be filled with boring maintenance. Get out and enjoy the water!

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