Here is a listing of our premier Wave Armor Distributors. Please contact the distributor in your area for a complete listing of dealers near you.

States Serviced





MN, AZ, CA, CT, KY, MS, RI, TN  Call for the Dealer near you  877-832-6945  [email protected]
WI Big Rivers Distribution 262-629-5575
WI, MI, WA, OR, MT Hewitt 800-544-2067 [email protected]
NJ Jersey Shore Docks 732-929-8168 [email protected]
TX Lone Star Marina
(Wave Armor of Texas)
903-432-2268 [email protected]
NY Morgan Rec 800-836-5300 [email protected]
IL, IN, MI, OH Paul’s Marine Inc 800-877-1544 [email protected] 
NJ, PA Pine Crest Marina 570-857-1850 [email protected]
OK, KS, NE Rogue Wave Armor 660-973-6387 [email protected]
AL, GA, TN &        FL Panhandle Wave Armor of the Southeast US
(Southern Distribution)
561-827-7600 [email protected]
MA, ME, NH, VT Union True Value 207-785-3003 [email protected]
FL Wave Armor South Atlantic 954-444-0175 [email protected]