Enjoy the Experience of a Floating Dock System

At Wave Armor, we aim to make the most of your waterfront experience. Boats, personal watercrafts, pedalboards, kayaks and water mats as well as swimming all taken into consideration. Our modular design with fully integrated accessories make it simple to customize your dock layout to maximize use of space and make easy accessible and secure for you to enjoy your favorite on the water activities. Wave Armor has incorporated a flagstone paver style design with our patented H-Beam hidden connection system which secures beneath the dock topside creating clean, flowing and slip resistant surface. Gone are those days of concerns and injuries due to delinquent maintenance of outdated docks. We have left no stone unturned.

At Wave Armor we are dedicated to creating a dock system that conforms and enhances the experience of a waterfront lifestyle.

We have made it effortless and enjoyable to create the memories and establish the traditions that last a lifetime!

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